What now?

Another big difference between Intish and standard English be that in Intish, no verb need to add s or es.

That sound great. (Michael)

Mr. Trayne arrive at his office for the first time, and he sit behind the desk. (The New Office)

Within a few minutes, someone knock at the door. (The New Office)

A lady enter the office. (The New Office)

Mr. Trayne talk into the phone. (The New Office)

Mrs. Yu be talking to her class which include David, Helen, and Peter. (An Extra Day)

Don’t you know what happen every four years? (An Extra Day)

Earth go around the sun every 365¼ days. (An Extra Day)

He walk over to her. (The Dog in the Park)

Mr. Trayne reach down to the dog, which jump at him and nearly bite him. (The Dog in the Park)

You can pour this stuff onto whatever it be that you want to be rid of, and – hey! – it disappear. (Projects)

In this bottle, I have stuff that keep bears away. (Projects)

It seem that you beed around during the Second World War, sir. (Experience)

I love it when he get angry. (At the Hotel)

In particular:

do can replace does

Who do? (An Extra Day)

Tell me, do your dog bite? (The Dog in the Park)

don’t can replace doesn’t

My dog don’t bite. (The Dog in the Park)

It don’t stop there. (Experience)

have can replace has

In every four years, three have 365 days and one have 366 days. (An Extra Day)

haven’t can replace hasn’t

Haven’t it occurred to you that if you get anywhere near the sun, you will burn up? (Michael)


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