Which is more?

In Intish, all adjectives and adverbs can have more or most in front instead of adding er, r, est, or st:

Can someone tell me what be the most long river in Asia? (The Amazing River)

There be two rivers in Asia that be more long than the Mekong. (The Amazing River)

Peter, that be the most crazy thing that I have ever heared. (The Amazing River)

It will be more easy to do it again. (Doing the Work)

Can anyone can give another example of how heat make things more big? (Science)

The sun be more hot in summer than it be in winter, right? (Science)

That be why the days be more long in summer than they be in winter. (Science)

Actually, I beed the most strong in my class before I started that job. (Experience)

In particular:

more good and more well can replace better:

It would be more good if you call me Michael, sir. (Michael)

My four-year-old daughter could do more well than that. (Doing the Work)

most good and most well can replace best:

And it would be most good if you sit down now. (Michael)

Be that the most good excuse that you can come with? (Doing the Work)

more bad and more badly can replace worse:

My three-year-old son couldn’t do any more badly than that. (Doing the Work)

Well, it couldn’t be any more bad than what I’ve heared so far. (Projects)

most bad and most badly can replace worst:

In fact, that be the most bad excuse that I’ve heared for a long time. (Doing the Work)

more far can replace farther and further:

My grandmother and grandfather live more far than that, sir. (Michael)

most far can replace farthest and furthest:

Lisa and I will travel the most far, sir. (Michael)

Note that better and best can still be used as auxiliary verbs and as verbs, worst can be used as a verb, and further can be used as an adjective and adverb when not referring to physical distance, and also as a verb.


Just a quick note about more when it be followed by an adjective and a noun. For example:

I have more important things to do.

This can mean:

I have things to do that be more important.


I have more things to do that be important.

The meanings be not quite the same, and if the intended meaning be not obvious in the first sentence, then the second or third sentence can be used. (In standard English, the be can be replaced by are.)


This page beed updated in 2018 Feb 20.